USC: Even when They’re Bad, They’re Awesome

Wow, what a clunker the USC Trojans put up against the Oregon Ducks last Saturday in Eugene. The offense didn’t click at all in the first half, the 918kiss coverage and tackling from the defense was average at best. The buzz on the various sports forums and news feeds I was browsing through at the time was all tense (many who laid the points on USC no doubt) that the mighty Trojans may be falling from grace, and what a putrid effort they were putting up.

Did I fail to mention, USC won the game by 32 POINTS??? (they covered fairly easily, by the way)

USC has now outscored their first three opponents at a 178-47 clip. They boast probably the two best players in college football, quarterback Matt Leinart and running back Reggie Bush. Bush’s backup LenDale White would be starting, and possibly a Heisman candidate, if he played at most of the other teams in the AP Top 25. The defense that head coach Pete Carroll has been so unhappy with all season, only has to play decent for this team to be successful.

If you are an opposing team, as # 15 Arizona State will learn this weekend, you must play a perfect game, must score a time or two on defense or special teams and keep the USC offense on the sidelines to avoid getting blown out. Oregon indeed played above their heads during the first half and led 13-0 at one point, but one the Trojans got a halftime wakeup call from the coaching staff, they ran off 45 straight points.

How did Leinart describe the game, even as they trailed and pundits panicked ? He simply said it was “fun” to finally get a challenge. Goes to show you how “bored” the Trojans have been thus far, as other top 10 teams have been playing life or death football in their quest to be # 2. I still want to know who those handful of guys are they keep voting the Texas Longhorns # 1 the last two weeks.


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